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BHH Mikrohuta produces high-quality wires, drawn and ground bars in stainless, acid-resistant, heat-resisting and electric-resistor steel grades.

Youcan find in our offer round dry and wet drawn sections as well as flat cold rolled wires.

Wires during the manufacturing process are subjected to intermediate heat-treatment, annealing in a controlled atmosphere in a mixture of dry hydrogen and dry nitrogen in order to prevent damage to a relatievely bright surface by scaling or oxidation during annealing.

Size range of produced wires starts from 0,2 mm up to and including to 8,0 mm while, bars size range starts from 2,0 mm up to and including 6,0 mm.
Bars are available in random lengths or other on request.

A new drawing facility being actually in assembly will let BHH Mikrohuta to enlarge the tinner wire size range starting from 25 µm.

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