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Highly skilled Personel of Mikrohuta offers it's technological backgroung and experience to the customer following the rule:

"... Your problem becomes our problem ..."

In case you might have any technological or metallurgical troublesome question, please do not hesitate to consult it with our metallurgist:

MSC eng Jerzy Dybich

And be sure he will be pleased to help you.
To contact, please use link Question in Support section and send us completed form.

For instant, we report hereunder some mostly interesting questions consulted last month.

Q: We produce stainless steel fastening items. Unfortunately, we frequently are experiencing some fastidious problems in the production of screws such as low out put of the machine, excessive energy and lube-oil consumption. For your guidance, our base material we use is s.s. wire AISI 304Cu. Any suggestions to improve our productivity please?
A: Copper content rises plasticity of the steel giving absolutely bether elongation than it's standard AISI 304 grade. Sure, there are still possible to improve just good cold forming properties of said 304Cu trough reheating of the wire up to 200-300 centigrade just before introducing the wire to the matrix. Such heating decreases temporarily Tensile by around 150 up to 200 MPa and I'm sure this solution will solve your problem completely.

Q: We are manufacturer of technical brushes mainly supplied to our polish ship yards. I won’t hide fastidious problem we have to face quite frequently – our brushes get magnetic! As you know, magnetic brushes are highly undesired in brushing weld seam of the hull.
Our brushes are made of austenitic stainless steel wire 0,30 mm , grade 1.4310, tensile 1800 MPa.
Your suggestion to solve the problem would be appreciated so much.
A: Such high tensile value of the wire requires pretty important cold deformation what unfortunately in case of said grade 1.4310 creates “quasi martensit”, I mean the steel gets a kind of residual magnetic structure. I would propose in your case to change the steel for grade which does not change it’s martensit structure during it’s whole cold deformation curve, I mean 1.4404. I’m sure grade 1.4404 will solve your problem.

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