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Mikrohuta has been founded in 1973 and it is specialized in the manufacturing of stainless steel and nickel alloys products.

It is a leader in the polish market in the production of drawn steel products. To consolidate the leader position in the market and with the aim to fully meet our customer’s demand we have implemented a wide investment program in modern technology which has permitted significantly improve the quality of our products.

Thanks to a wide dimmensional range, Mikrohuta’s products are suitable to be employed in many industrial compartments: grids and furniture, cold forging, welding, car manufacturing, building, health supply, agricultural and food compartment and textile.

Heat treatment modernization by the substitution of the ammonia with the hydrogen and nitrogen, has alolwed to reach an higher quality standard and better environment protection.

Mikrohuta guarantees the high quality of the base material and thanks to the new tehnologies and to the efficient customer service, the Company can meet all customers expectations in terms of quality and deliveries.

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